“Artist Proofs are a limited quantity collectible that have white backsides. The artist gets 50 regular proofs and 30 foil proofs for most cards that they make. Usually the artist does a piece of art on the back when they’re sold.”

Pencil Drawing
175 USD

Ink Landscape
300 USD

Oil Painting
600 USD

You have to add either a Pencil Drawing, an Ink Landscape (this option has to have a landscape as a subject) or an Oil Painting to your AP purchase. The above prices don’t include the price of the AP itself which differ depending on the rarity of the card and other factors. You can also choose between a normal and a foil version.
Please feel free to request a subject for the art during the checkout using the “Order Notes” field. 
If you have any questions/special requests please don’t hesitate to contact me at: